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Newten Ventures was formed by five successful German entrepreneurs who take traditional businesses and rapidly accelerate their growth using technology and innovative marketing solutions.

About Newten Ventures
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About us

Newten Ventures is a Berlin-based venture capital firm that applies its company-building expertise and vast network of resources to help its portfolio companies become leaders in their respective markets. We represent the new breed of German entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and organizations and are using this experience to take traditional business models and accelerate their growth through internet technology.

We support our portfolio companies with business expertise, financing strategies and improvement of their operational processes. Our national and international network is a valuable asset to us as we help our companies gain access to markets and expertise that ensure their success.

We are “entrepreneurial angels” who are actively engaged in our portfolio companies and guide them in all phases of their business activities.

Newten Ventures has invested in six companies with a successful proof of concept who are now utilizing our model for accelerated growth.


Newten Ventures invests time and money into market proven conventional business models and uses internet technology to accelerate their growth.

We invest in the earliest stage of a company´s fund raising efforts and to leverage our business expertise to accelerate their growth.

The experience of our five entrepreneurs enables us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each company to develop a strategy for success. We then use our internal capabilities and those of our partners to implement a strategy that will lead to exponential growth.

Newten Ventures is happy to discuss opportunities for co-investors to participate in our fund. Please contact us to discuss possible investment scenarios.

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Managing Partner.

TAZ ”The Cuddle-Capitalist” 2004 Founder of Orco Germany, IPO in 2006 (market cap of €800 mio) after 10 years in the finances business in London, Paris and Frankfurt.




Be Networker.Be Global. Be Berlin. After being a successful founder himself, Executive at the German Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta and San Francisco. From 2007-2011 CEO at Berlin Partner. Expert for business development and innovative technologies.




“Bringing brands to shine and giving companies wings.” Founder and CEO of TPA, The Property Agency. Branding and Marketing for various start up´s and real estate companies. Leading Marketing specialist in German real estate and founder of Mehrwertwohn.




“To be successful you need two things: clear targets and the burning desire to reach them. Empowering people and brands is her mission. Co-Founder of Immoscout24. As Strategy consultant and business coach she helps digital companies become the nr. 1 market leader. Named one of Germanys Leading Marketing heads.




“Customer maker and thoroughbred Entrepreneur” Founder of buw group of companies in 1993 with over 4.500 employees in Germany and East Europe. Numerous Awards like Entrepreneur of the Year, second fastest growing company in Europe und Employer of the year. 2007 to 2010 Board Member of BJU- Association of young entrepreneurs.




    The new art to enjoy concierge services.


    Online fruit shop whose motto is "Fruit Makes a Better Gift Than Flowers"



    Facharzt24 is a directory for patients seeking medical experts and also gives doctors a one stop office marketing.


    Design Offices

    State of the art offices and better conferences in an inspiring atmosphere. The new era of modern work spaces in various German cities.


    Show & Order

    An exclusive fashion trade event at Kraftwerk Berlin, one of the most exciting locations in Berlin for expositions.


    Obi-Hammerwohnung (Mehrwertwohn)

    A platform for co-branding of real estate products with it´s premium product "Hammerwohnung". Giving real estate companies the right competitors advantage.


    Lindermanns Tierwelt

    Web TV, magazine and online shop Carruso: Comprehensive information resources and products for your pet.

Newten Ventures current Investments. Seven Companies with a successful proof of concept and promising growth possibilities.

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